Modern Slavery Act: Transparency in supply chains statement for financial year ending 30 September 2019

Modern slavery is a serious and heinous crime which violates human rights, destroys communities and causes significant harm to victims.  At CGI we actively endorse and support objectives to eradicate slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.  CGI is committed to high ethical standards in all aspects of its operations and this, our fourth Modern Slavery Statement, outlines our procedures and progress in this important area.

About our fourth modern slavery statement

This statement is issued by the board of CGI IT UK Limited. We are a major employer working in offices across the UK with over 6000 employees.

As a services organisation where the vast majority of our employees are highly skilled and are contracted directly by our company, we consider the risk of modern slavery and forced labour within our own work force to be low.  Employees who have concerns about their working conditions are encouraged to speak with their line managers, and, if their concerns are not resolved, they may raise the matter with the HR team through the company’s grievance procedure.  However, forced labour exists in many different sectors across the world, and we recognise a robust approach is required both internally for our own organisation and for working with our many different suppliers.

As a major employer and procurer of goods and services, we recognise our responsibility to enable and support sustainable business practices as well as facilitate inclusion and diversity amongst our suppliers.

This statement reflects our established commitment to providing safe and fair working conditions for all our employees.  It also reflects the way in which we work with our partners and suppliers to ensure socially responsible and ethical business practices are embedded throughout our organisation and beyond.

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