This report is for FY2020, to view the most recent report please visit the CGI IT UK Limited FY2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions report FY2021


This report summarises the energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions for CGI IT UK Limited (‘the company’). The company was the main trading entity for CGI’s business in the United Kingdom in the periods reported. This report represents a standalone version of the company’s disclosures of its Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (‘SECR’), the source of which is the Directors’ Report of the company’s audited accounts. The information in this report has not been subject to audit or external assurance procedures.

CGI has chosen to provide emissions disclosures beyond those required under SECR. The intent is to align with the scope of the company’s Science Based Emission Reduction Targets – which includes all forms of scope 3 business travel – and also to show the F2019 baseline year for those targets (year ended 30th September 2019).

The company will be reporting against its Science Based Targets on an annual basis. The emissions for F2020 (year ended 30th September 2020) for most scopes showed a substantial reduction compared to the prior year. This reflects the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. From March 2020, large numbers of CGI’s employees serviced clients remotely, resulting in much reduced business travel and reductions in building energy use as some offices were temporarily closed or their usage curtailed.

GHG Stats

 See the CGI IT UK Limited FY2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions report for FY2021