We are delighted to share that two of our members Roy Dalton and Louis Tomlinson have become Cornish Ambassadors. Supporting the local community by helping to develop and promote Cornwall, sharing best practice, acting as a representative for the region and attending local events. 

Part of the Cornwall Place Board, being an ambassador brings Cornish citizens together to support the local community and promote Cornwall as a great place to live and work. Providing insightful and interesting content about Cornish business, the community, education, the environment and so much more.

Laptop showing Cornish Ambassador logo

The network is looking to grow over the coming months and years and hope to have 20,000 Cornish Ambassadors sign up and champion the initiative. We are excited to be part of the project highlighting and promoting the achievements of the business sectors, while also celebrating Cornwall’s rich heritage and regional distinctiveness as we continue to grow within the region.

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