Lee Almond has been working in Government for over 20 years. Having worked with a number of suppliers, CGI stood out as one of those who really cared about the mission and strategy she was trying to deliver. Find out why she decided to join us and how her first couple of months have gone.

November 2023

It’s been great to spend the last few days with the CGI Central Government Extended Leadership Team in Leeds. It reminded me of why I joined CGI.

One of the first and foremost reasons was based on how they treated me as a client over the years. Over the past 20 years in Government I have worked with a number of suppliers and CGI stood out as one of those who really cared about the mission and strategy I was trying to deliver.

They worked with me to help co-create and deliver key capabilities to remediate technical and data obsolescence, deliver automation and enhanced search/case management functionality that enabled the delivery of core organisation strategies, deliver increased productivity and remediate key risks.

Values that benefit everyone

For me, one of the key values they brought to the table was the ability to actively listen, empathise and understand some of the key challenges I was working on and deliver a suite of solutions to correct and grow more modern, automated capabilities. I appreciated the way they always provided a suite of technical options, working through the options appraisal aligned to the core outcomes I was working towards, to help me as a client make the most optimum choice. It allowed me to opt for the most cost effective solution, driving the benefits sought rather than being forced down a particular path.

I was also impressed with some of their corporate activities to attract and grow talent not only into their organisation through their early careers schemes and other leadership initiatives, but equally their work to create the future leaders  through their ‘Young Dreamers’ initiative targeted at 13 to 15 year olds across many regions in the UK.

Getting to work

Since joining two months ago, I’ve been able to meet more of the Central Government CGI team and understand even more of the valuable work we are delivering across Government and the brilliant skills and experiences we have as team. This includes modernising a key intelligence capability for law enforcement partners, helping to maximise the use of data while remaining compliant with Data Protection obligations through a data archiving automation capability and more broadly launching a new Innovation hub in partnership with the University of Leicester to name a few.

In the challenging times we are currently living in, the next five years will continue to be complex for Government both financially, with growing demands on their services, whilst trying to sustain the recovery progress for the UK following the Covid Pandemic. In these times ahead, being a strategic partner who understands these challenges and can help support our government customers to navigate these tricky times, is key and is an area where CGI has a proven track record.

I joined CGI to use my Government and Law Enforcement experience to continue to deliver operationally excellent services and be that strategic partner for our government customers as part of the brilliant Central Government CGI team. Do reach out to me if you would like to find out more or discuss further.

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