Whether or not you have an IT background, we believe the opportunities for women in STEM should be limitless, and we’re passionate about enabling women to thrive at CGI.

Here, we speak with one of our insurance account managers, Areefih Ghaith, who joined CGI as a degree apprentice with no STEM experience, but is flourishing in her career, surrounded by inspirational women and mentors.

You work in a male-dominated industry sector – how has CGI ensured you feel welcome in the working environment?

CGI members really do embody a culture of equality and inclusion. There are an overwhelming number of senior female leaders who make themselves available for mentoring to support junior members just starting their career.

I love the fact that diversity is celebrated and promoted within the company through our various groups, for example:

  • The Women’s Network
  • The BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnicities) Network.

How have you been inspired to progress you career at CGI, or have you inspired others?

I am continuously inspired to progress at CGI by the hardworking, intelligent and driven females that I have the honour of working with.

I am a career mentor to a number of graduates and students and like to think that learning works both ways – I have certainly learnt a lot about career development and how everyone evolves differently.

Being involved in the Bring Your Daughter to Work Days that CGI runs has been fantastic. It’s great to see the next generation of females so excited by the idea of a career in IT!

What tools or techniques has CGI helped you acquire to develop your skills and career?

Having not studied any STEM subjects at college, I never really considered an IT career.

However, I joined CGI as a Degree Apprentice, spending one day a week at university and four days in the office. I learnt so much about Big Data, the Internet of Things and Cyber Security through university, which I could then apply to the projects I was working on at CGI.

Through career planning I have also been able to complete a number of professional qualifications, including:

  • BSC Business Analysis Courses
  • Agile Project Management.

I have also gained technical certifications in both Robotic Process Automation and Low Coding. I feel I am continually expanding my skill set.

What's the one thing you would like women considering applying to CGI to know?

If you don’t come from an IT background, please don’t think a career in IT is not for you!

Women from other industries can bring different perspectives, skills and knowledge, which I think is key to the growth of our organisation.

Thanks Areefih, for sharing your experience of working with us at CGI.

We hope this has inspired you to explore the opportunities within the STEM industry, whatever the stage of your career.

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