European Oil & Gas magazine has featured a 4 page article on cloud computing and the advantages it can bring to the industry. The article titled “Heading to the clouds", is the result of on an interview with CGI’s director of strategy for oil and gas Susan Macleod and looks at the application of cloud technology on major functions and operational processes throughout the industry.

Report Synopsis table

Report Synopsis:

Cloud computing, whilst not new has growing rapidly in recent years providing a range of significant benefits to businesses in terms of efficiency, flexibility, agility and optimising business performance. The oil and gas industry in particular, with its global nature and need for the exchange of vital information and data across organisations, relies on up-to-date and efficient information management in order to be successful. As the industry develops it faces a number of increasingly complex challenges, such as a growing demand for extensive geophysical data; reservoir modelling to optimise reservoir exploration, production and management; transmitting data across a global organisation whilst reducing security risks and maintaining regulatory compliance; and integrating data to reduce asset and operating costs both upstream and downstream.

Read the report online today. Our article can be found on page 17.

Head to the clouds