CGI TrustedFabric provides an innovative approach to data sharing and interoperability for providers, clinicians and patients and it’s trusted to improve outcomes, support automation and reduce the cost of care.

Health and care organisations know that data is key to improving outcomes and reducing costs. However, current data exchange solutions have not evolved with organisational requirements or security and privacy concerns.

How do I make the most of my existing IT investment? How do I share sensitive data securely and without losing control? Why should I trust that other organisations will do the right thing with my data? How do I give patients and their circle of care better insight into their care and more ownership of their data?

CGI TrustedFabric brings a completely new approach to data sharing for health and care, enabling data data owners to retain control and build trust across a consortium of organisations by sharing data via a secured, distributed ledger-based cloud solution rather than being centered on a fixed data warehouse.

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