Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their perspectives on the trends affecting their organizations. In 2017, we conducted 392 in-person interviews with government clients to hear more about their top trends and priorities.

Top trends

Protecting the organization through cybersecurity is the top trend among the defense, intelligence and space executives we interviewed. With budget pressures lessening, executives also cite IT modernization and cloud as an important trend. While focusing on becoming digital organizations, executives must also respond to budgetary pressures. The need to assure regulatory compliance has increased in significance compared to our 2016 report.

Top 2017 trends in defense, intelligence and space

  • 87% protecting through cybersecurity
  • 74% IT modernization and cloud
  • 69% Becoming digital organisations
  • 66% budget pressure due to flat or declining budgets
  • 62% assuring regulatory compliance

Looking ahead, executives foresee increased focus on information superiority. The need to adapt to changing procurement models also promises to impact defense, intelligence and space agencies.

Investing for innovation

Defense, intelligence and space leaders maintain keen focus on protecting the organization and its operations through cybersecurity. Additional priorities include modernization, new delivery models, and greater use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Cybersecurity and IT modernization are the key drivers of investment today, with data and predictive analytics as well as better use of mobile technologies as targets for the coming years.

Focus areas for defense, intelligence and space client innovation

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT modernization/cloud services
  • Agile IT delivery and infrastructure technologies
  • Data and predictive analytics
  • Better use of mobile technology

Discover the insight

Download additional trend information from the 2017 CGI Client Global Insights defense, intelligence and space summary, and contact us for a copy of the full report and to arrange a personal discussion with a CGI industry expert for further analysis and insights.