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As consumers and citizens, we have increasingly high requirements in respect of the services and products we purchase and use. Our society continues to digitise at a rapid pace and our expectations regarding what is possible, and - in our eyes - necessary, are also rising at the same rate. An element of service here and there is no longer enough: we are only satisfied when we receive the attention we expect, i.e. a good ‘total experience’, at every point of our ‘customer journey’. CGI helps clients during their digital journey. We do this with small, diverse, high-performance teams organised around our customers. These teams bring optimum expertise to the customer based on local knowledge of the market, backed up by a global organisation with worldwide experience.

About this publication

This publication showcases some inspiring examples of how CGI is helping organisations - ranging from government agencies to highprofile commercial clients - with their digital transformation. They are not stand-alone IT projects; value chain optimisation is the focus in each case. But before we look at these examples, let us first consider the concept of the ‘Digital Value Chain’. What do we mean by this? How can you also optimise your digital value chain to speed up your organisation's digital journey? What steps can you take to unleash business agility and innovation at scale? We explore this in the introduction. Next, our client case studies show how we are working with our clients to achieve positive change through the use of emerging technologies and innovative forms of collaboration. In other words, how can we jointly build the best practices of the future together?

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