Cloud and hybrid IT

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Det har vært mye snakk om enterprise skyløsninger de siste årene, men vi har ennå ikke sett noen eksempler på det i markedet. Før nå, når CGI har lansert CGI sin hybrid skyløsning, Enterprise Cloud. «Vi har i lengre tid...

CGIs private skytjenester er nå tilgjengelig – den første Skandinaviske kunden er i drift CGI lanserer Enterprise Cloud, en komplett, hybrid skyløsning som også omfatter privat sky. CGIs Enterprise Cloud er utviklet på bakgrunn av et økende behov for å...

Greger Wikstand
Greger Wikstand

How to overcome obstacles in your digitization

November 5, 2021 Digitization has the potential to dramatically disrupt companies, organizations, and the way we live and work. As a result, many organizations strongly focus on digitization to develop new business models and sharpen their competitive advantages. However, for many companies, digitalization...

Profile picture Naveen Kannur
Naveen Kannur

Get the best and most out of containers with CGI CPaaS

October 26, 2021 Most enterprises are going through some type of digital transformation, to increases their competitiveness or to offer new products and services. It does not matter how ambitious or well-planned the initiatives are. Sooner or later, you might get into potential...

Profile picture Mikael Tallberg
Mikael Tallberg

Don’t let the cloud become a tug of war between IT and business

September 20, 2021 Access to new cloud-based services makes it easy for many organizations to grasp new IT solutions quickly without involving the IT department. This can jeopardize the security of the organization. I have several good examples of when a Cloud Center...

Greger Wikstand
Greger Wikstand

Don’t get side-tracked on your cloud course

August 19, 2021 Cloud services give businesses great benefits, such as flexibility, scalability, speed, standardization, and efficiency. Factually this is true, but precisely these benefits also mean that many businesses take on cloud services far too easily. Today, most companies have a variety...

Profilbilde Jens-Christian Volhøj
Jens Christian Volhøj

Transforming to cloud? A solid groundwork is the key to success

August 19, 2021 The cloud is everywhere. Every business and organization is either in it, moving to it or considering how to get to it. With the ongoing push for digital transformation, many businesses and organizations see the cloud as a gateway to...