CGI’s Architecture Boot Camp is een uitgebreide cursus voor IT professionals die zich willen verbreden richting architectuur. Je leert essentiële ontwerpvaardigheden zoals het maken en onderbouwen van architectuurkeuzes, het valideren van impact en het ondersteunen van de realisatie van die keuzes. Hiermee kun je je team ondersteunen bij het vervullen van architectuurverantwoordelijkheden, en je profiel uitbreiden richting architectenrollen.

Het Boot Camp bestaat uit negen modules van één dag. Door middel van presentaties, discussies en oefeningen leren deelnemers om architectuur te bedrijven in de context van hun dagelijks werk. Het materiaal is gebaseerd op CGI’s RCDA aanpak voor agile architectuur.

CGI’s Architecture Boot Camp is a comprehensive training progam for IT professionals interested in architecture. You will learn essential architecture skills such as understanding the trade-offs that go into design decisions, validating and communicating their impact and supporting the architecture’s implementation in (agile) teams. The material is based on CGI’s RCDA approach for agile architecture.

The Boot Camp consists of nine one-day modules. Through presentations, discussions and exercises, participants learn to apply good architecture practices in their everyday work context.


Cloud strategy, planning and architecture advisory

Boot Camp Program

Architecture Thinking (3-3-2023)

What is architecture and why does it matter? A mini case study illustrates key architecture responsibilities and how they are fulfilled.

IT Technology Overview (10-3-2023)

We’ll discuss Enterprise Architecture and business technology strategy planning practices to give guidance in the selection of technology, combined with a high-level overview of relevant business and IT strategies and technologies in the modern digital world, including an essential understanding of the main trade-offs involved.

Architectural Design (17-3-2023)

Practicing the core skills of architectural decision making and modeling. We also discuss the value and changing role of design documentation in an agile setting, and how to do “just enough documentation”

Requirements, Risk and Cost (24-3-2023)

Understanding, prioritizing and addressing stakeholder needs and how to address them. We’ll practice working with concepts like quality attributes, technical debt and “just enough anticipation”, producing business value at a sustainable rate.

System Integration (31-3-2023)

Integrating systems or components leads to important architectural concerns. What strategies address these? How do we model and deliver integration, and what are the traps to avoid?

Working with Stakeholders (21-4-2023)

In this very interactive, practice-oriented module we focus on ways to engage with stakeholders using workshop techniques like a Quality Attribute Workshop or Event Storming.

Security & Privacy by Design (5-5-2023)

We will discuss security and privacy as architectural drivers. Which concerns are typically raised, and how are they addressed? What standards should you be familiar with, and how are they applied in practice?

Architecture in the organization (12-5-2023)

What architecture roles do organizations have? How do the various genres of architecture (Enterprise, Domain, Solution, Software, Infrastructure…) interact and align with business strategy? How do architectures “emerge from self-organizing teams”, and how do autonomous teams function under architecture governance?

Case study (26-5-2023)

Participants take different architecture roles in a real-world end-to-end use case: from roleplaying with stakeholders to producing key design decisions and models, applying all they have learned in previous modules.

Event details

Date and costs

March 3

May 26

€6500 (excluding VAT)


Utrecht area. 


Depending on the language of participants, the course will be given in English or Dutch.

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