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Reliable and flexible asset management

CGI’s Remote Telemetry Units (RTU), (also commonly known as Remote Terminal Units), form a key part of our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA offering in the Australian market. They are extensively proven across Australian electricity transmission and distribution networks, providing flexibility and scalability to help support businesses in their transition to an intelligent grid.

Our highly reliable devices cater for different industries, assets and site types with scarce limitations on application functionality. They support utility and grid operators in significantly reducing complexity, training and lifecycle costs, resulting in an intuitive solution that is easier to engineer, operate and maintain. Our RTUs are uniquely Australian, designed in Sydney and built in Brisbane specifically for rugged Australian conditions. With our local manufacturing partner, we design, build and support each RTU device, and can customise the units to suit specific needs. The RTU product range has built in cyber security to ensure safe and secure operations.


designed and manufactured for our
rugged conditions, backed by local support
35+ years
of real-time visibility and control across
Australia's electricity networks
Secure-by-Default for
critical OT infrastructure

Transformer Management

Transformer Management

  • Real time condition monitoring of distribution transformers
  • Predictive modelling for asset optimization and protection
  • Utilises IEC standard for dynamic thermal transformer modelling
  • SCADA & control room integration
  • Intelligent automation of pumps/fans for cooling
Substation Management

Substation Management

  • Intelligent automation of digital substations
  • Supports IEC61850 architecture
  • Secure by default - IEC62443-4-2 aligned
  • Integrated IEC61131-1 Soft PLC for ladder logic programming
  • Integrated WebHMI
  • Certified for use in harsh and controlled substation environments
Community Batteries

Community Batteries

  • RTU-based solution provides an interface to the battery via a small-scale DER manager application
  • Provides real time visibility and control via integration with SCADA/ADMs or DERMS
  • IIoT protocol functionality provides additional capability for connectivity and data sharing
Grid scale DER management

Grid Scale DER Management

  • Manages grid-connected DERs within DOE-defined constraints
  • Utilises DERMS/ADMS issued Dynamic Operating Envelopes (DOEs)
  • Secure by default - IEC62443-4-2 aligned
  • Use cases include Wind or Solar DERs, grid-scale Battery Energy Storage

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 RTU Hardware Features

  • Australian designed & built

  • Industry standard protocols include DNP3, Modbus, IEC61850, SMTP, MQTT

  • Secure by default - IEC62443-4-2 aligned

  • Integrated IEC61131-1 Soft PLC for ladder logic programming

  • Deploy as an IED/PLC or as a powerful edge compute or IoT device

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Audio Frequency Load Control 

  • Provides the grid operator with the ability to manage network load by controlling off-peak water heaters and streetlights

  • Integration of load shedding functions

  • Integrates with ADMS / SCADA

  • DNP3 protocol support

  • Supports multiple Load Control Routines (LCRs)

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Integrated WebHMI

  • Low cost, browser-based Human-Machine interface

  • Fully integrated - no additional software required

  • Highly customisable to cater for existing standards & symbols

  • Local or remote authentication

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Dynamic Voltage Control 

  • Enables the dynamic adjustment of zone substation voltage settings to regulate power quality and reliability

  • Leverages near real-time smart meter voltage data in a closed loop scheme


The MD Series is a range of intelligent, flexible RTUs designed for operation in the harsh environments of electricity substations and other industrial or plant conditions. This series is capable of interfacing with protection relays, metering and sensor equipment, is equally viable in stand-alone telemetry or sensor-rich IOT applications.

Our highly configurable range includes the modular, small footprint MD100m unit and extends to the rack mountable MD303cpu and MD300io-r units that are more suited to powerful control logic and intelligent processing.

 MD100m Modular RTU

MD100m Modular RTU
  • Small form factor RTU - modular and scalable
  • Easy assembly with various configuration options
  • Supports a variety of communications architectures
  • Wide number of use cases including Energy, Water and Wastewater, Smart Cities and more

Download MD100m brochure

Download MD100m for Electricity Utilities brochure


 MD303cpu RTU

MD303cpu RTU
  • Robust | High performance
  • IO expansion available with connection to MD300io-r
  • Capable of supporting a wide range of Linux applications
  • Built in Secure Authentication
  • IEC61850 Client/Gateway
  • DNP3, SNMP, MQTT + Sparkplug B IIoT protocols
  • Flexible communications options

Download MD303cpu brochure


 MD300io-r RTU

MD300io-r RTU
MD300io-r RTU
  • High density IO rack option with up to 16 IO modules per rack
  • Slave device connected to MD303cpu
  • Processing capability can be added through the PM302 processor module option (standalone RTU)
  • Compatible with legacy MD1000 RTU, allowing fast and cost effective replacement installation

Download MD300io-r brochure



Our secure, browser-based UI provides a contemporary, intuitive and highly configurable option for the dynamic, graphic visualization of monitored asset status as well as events and alarms.

CGI's Web-HMI is fully integrated into the SMS/RTU database, which provides a significant advantage by eliminating the requirement for a separate HMI system to license, maintain or configure.

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IEC61850 Substation Automation

CGI’s IEC61850 software provides a vendor agnostic solution for power utilities seeking to integrate Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and/or protection relays from multiple manufacturers in a hybrid model and enabling flexibility, choice and opportunity for cost savings. 

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