CGI understands the demands placed on asset-intensive organisations in today’s business climate. Costs are rising, so you need to make your assets work harder. Regulation around reliability and security of services is increasing. The business is seeking integration of real-time information into other sources of corporate data.

CGI works with many of Australia’s leading asset-intensive businesses to provide Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions that deliver:

  • Improved asset utilisation with real-time visibility and dynamic control over operational assets
  • Greater service reliability for consumers and better staff safety through remote operability of assets
  • Better management of network operations to reduce costs
  • Increased value of operational data through the integration of OT and IT technologies.
SCADA Solutions

What we offer

CGI supplies and supports complete SCADA solutions through our own IP-based solutions designed for the Australian market and as an integrator of products from other leading SCADA vendors.

Our IP-based solutions are built upon open architectures, standard protocols and off-the-shelf third-party components to ensure long service life and easy integration with your corporate systems and networks. Where the demanding needs of our clients dictate, CGI designs and manufactures hardware to fit those specialised needs.

Our IP-based solutions include:

MOSAIC - a powerful SCADA system that satisfies the full range of requirements for real-time data acquisition and control.

RTU – our MD range of Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) has been designed specifically to meet the demanding monitoring and control requirements of the Australian electricity market.

Substation Management System (SMS) - a robust, cost effective and full-featured system for electrical substation management.