Security baked in, not bolted on

CGI embed principles of ISO27001 into every solution, project and partnership we undertake to ensure your security controls are world class and internationally recognised. 

Our team of cyber security experts specialise in Australian cyber security outcomes that protect your critical IT and OT network cyber security.

We help our customers protect Australia’s most valuable infrastructure assets by delivering always-on, high availability solutions that do not disrupt your mission critical services.

Through our expert talent, best practices and accelerator frameworks, we provide Risk Advisory Services, OT cyber security advice and Managed Security Services. We work closely with you to ensure security controls are baked in, not bolted on.

ISO 27001

We comply with ISO 27001 in the provision of outsourcing, project and consultancy services including: development and delivery activities plus the management of people, technologies and physical security.

ISO 22301

We comply with ISO 22301 in the provision of business continuity planning and recovery management to corporate businesses, including the delivery of operational services and engagement management.

Experienced and credentialed security specialists
combine their proficiency in best-of-breed tooling
and industry-recognised concepts
to deliver relevant advice to fit your unique needs
10+ million
Serving as an access control function for
10+ million Industrial IoT digital assets for an
industry-wide service


Security Operations Centers globally, including in Melbourne, delivering
around-the-clock cyber detection and
prevention services

Independently assessed as an ISG Leader in cyber security, Australia

Named an Australian cyber security leader by ISG in strategic security services and managed security services, we are globally certified leaders in cyber security solutions that protect and secure mission critical infrastructure.

CGI’s cyber security services provide effective recommendations to mitigate risk and our cyber security Australian practitioners successfully deliver complex end-to-end IT and OT cyber security programs for our partners.

CGI Cyber Security Wheel. Assess the risk, Protect the business, Operate with confidence

Cyber security is part of everything we do

Although it may seem difficult to consider security while trying to innovate and extend your operations, we can help make this a reality. Our cyber security services operate in three integrated areas:

Assess the risk

We help you to assess and manage security vulnerabilities so you  can be confident your organisation is secure, compliant and ready to grow.

  • Threat and Risk Management
  • Governance, Management and Compliance
  • Security Strategy Maturity and Awareness
Protect the business

We help you to build in security early, and test its ongoing effectiveness- securing the systems an organisation relies on to operate and grow.

  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Specialists in the challenges of OT cyber security
  • Testing and Assurance 
Operate with confidence

We help clients to monitor prevent and respond to security attacks in a reliable and cost-effective way.

Securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure | OT Cyber Security 

Changing legislation, and a rise in cyber security attacks on critical infrastructure has better defined the obligations placed on Australian companies and citizens to strengthen our resilience against hazards and threats that impact our Australian way of life.

Australian Critical Infrastructure (CI) is all the ‘critical infrastructure assets’; the core services, businesses, organisations, institutions, and designated Systems of National Significance (SoNS), that the Commonwealth needs to ensure the ongoing operation of a modern economy and the services required to support its citizens.

We help protect your assets through a range of Australian critical infrastructure cyber security services including.

  • Security Advisory Services
  • Security Engineering Services
  • OT specialist Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)  
  • Cyber security for Utilities | Cyber security for Manufacturing | Cyber security for Transportation 

Three government consultants talking and laughing

Cyber Security Services for State Government

Cyber security incidents, resulting in breaches of data, remain a prevalent challenge for State Government and other public service organisations across Australia.

Criminals and hacktivists continue to attack, hitting the headlines as frontline services are disrupted, money defrauded, or personal data leaked.

At CGI, we are helping Government to transform and deliver trusted citizen services through the provision of convenient and secure digital solutions. 

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