Do you have what it takes to beat the CGI Cyber Escape?

Most employees will try to do the right thing when it comes to cyber security, but they may not always be aware of what they need to look out for. This means malware and phishing attacks remain a significant challenge to many organisations.

Security is everyone’s responsibility and all employees need to play their part.

Participating in physical cyber awareness training allows employees to experience how to keep information and assets safe in real world scenarios and understand best practices in a fun and engaging environment.

Over the past decade, escape rooms have become popular adventures for friends and families. Within a designated time, participants look for clues, solve puzzles and decipher riddles to earn their escape. We have created CGI Cyber Escape to help employees understand potential cyber security risks; complimenting existing security awareness training and increasing their knowledge of how to reduce the chance of a cyber-attack.

Our Cyber Escape experience can be brought to sites around Australia for your employees to see if they are up to the challenge!



CGI cyber escape screen and countdown timer



What to expect 

  • CGI Cyber Escape is built inside a shipping container, which will tour Australia, stopping at CGI offices and client sites.
  • Teams will work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish cyber related tasks in order to progress and “escape” within the time allowed.
  • Sessions run for 30 or 60-minutes with teams of up to 6 people at a time.
  • Tasks are aligned to different security learning objectives. Upon successful “escape”, participants will receive a handout with the learning outcomes, further information on security and an escape certificate.
  • A CGI Games Master will facilitate the experience to offer support and guidance where needed.



An experience for everyone

Technology alone is not enough to implement effective cyber security. Employee diligence and awareness, along with threat intelligence and skilled cyber security professionals are all part of the equation.

CGI Cyber Escape provides security awareness training in a fun and memorable way for your employees to learn the basics of cyber security and help control risks within their organisation.

Whilst we are focusing on supporting our clients in enhancing their security awareness, CGI Cyber Escape is also available for wider community programmes. We would be happy to join you in supporting your own corporate and social responsibility activities and community outreach programmes.

We are able to deliver CGI Cyber Escape to suitable sites for extended periods, allowing our clients, their clients and the surrounding community to experience the challenge.

CGI Cyber Escape can be facilitated to suit a variety of age groups from Year 7 upwards, making the experience suitable for a range of groups as well as IT and business professionals. 



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