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In an effort to reduce cost and involvement in non-core activities, there is an increasing demand for an End-to-End managed service for particular payment solutions. CGI is providing such End-to-End managed service for both the Front End Processing as well as for the Back Office processing for specialized card offers. The services on offer include ITO, SaaS through to a full BPO service, and the features and benefits are many, including:

  • Closed Loop Fuel cards and Open Loop Scheme cards – the platform supports both fuel cards and scheme cards, as well as Pre-pay, Post Pay, Gift, and Loyalty. It supports magnetic stripe, chip & pin and contactless cards as well as mobile payments
  • Rich functionality – from strong authorisation and stand-in rules, rich pricing, flexible merchant settlement, online credit management tools, integral real-time loyalty and multi-national currencies and VAT
  • Highly secure and fully certified with PCI-DSS, EMV and VISA.


PayPartner360 – Retail Oil

Download the PDF brochure to read more about CGI PayPartner360 and Real-time Payment Solutions for retail oil (PDF, 418 KB)

Fire up the video to understand how the CGI PayPartner360 solution delivers instant rewards at the Point of Sale.