Erik is an IT Modernization Consultant with decades of experience in complex (legacy) IT environments, private and public cloud solutions.

He is really a one of a kind, a passionate leader, coming from a highly technical background and has continually improved himself in many other areas making him a very broad IT professional.

His excellent communication skills allow him to talk on an operational, tactical and strategic level. He’s driven to help CGI’s customer by taking massive action, achieve goals, change and drive continuous improvements like he owns the business himself.

The work that Erik takes on are mostly projects within complex environments because there he can really make a difference. He feels comfortable in the role of multiple project lead or architect infrastructure.

He focuses on being the example and the invitation what it means to be a IT professional in these challenging times.

Therefore Erik invests a lot of time in personal development and learning about technologies like Microsoft 365, Azure and AWS while applying this knowledge in his work within CGI.

Erik is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Master trainer on soft skills and teaching CGI members under his motto:

“Hard skills get you hired, poor soft skills could get you fired”