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We are more dependent on operational technology (OT) than we often realize. At the same time, with digital business accelerating, we are also becoming more vulnerable. A cyberattack on an operational facility or service can seriously damage not only the operation itself, but also the entire production and supply chain and even impact society as a whole. All the more reason to (re)consider the vulnerabilities of your assets and OT environment.

At the 2022 Industrial Cybersecurity event that CGI is organizing in close collaboration with partners Nozomi and Fortinet in Veghel on May 17th, we will share the latest expert insights.

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Awareness, solutions and opportunities

This event is about expert insights that help build awareness of vulnerabilities on the one hand and showcase best way to create value from solutions available in the market today on the other hand. In a full-day program, speakers with in-depth practical experience from across industries address the most essential questions. Most important one: do you know how many assets you have and how vulnerable your operations are to disruption from cyber-attacks? That is exactly what many organizations struggle with these days. What makes the industrial environment so vulnerable? What do attacks target, what makes them particularly impactful…? How do hackers actually think and act?

Resilience and compliance

We will address improving resilience on an everyday basis, including ways to gain real-time insight into your assets and operational dynamics. What you can do in the short and long(er) term to improve your industrial security. Who do you work with for expert advice and guidance, utilizing smart asset inventory or monitoring mitigating the potential consequences of the ever growing cyber threat landscape for your business. And, talking about business context: how do you take into account the increasing regulatory requirements to which OT is being subjected? How do you – in other words – remain compliant and in control?

“Secure operations starts with proper insights. You can’t protect what you don’t know!”

Program full of impact

This event promises to be an impactful day – in a positive sense – that once again makes everyone aware of how relevant OT is for both business and society, how significant the uprise of threats are, and therefore also how crucial it is to arm ourselves against it. In the program overview you can read which topics are covered by the experts presenting.

About the program for the day



Walk in & networking

Meet with peers, CGI experts and partners + join the Hacker Escape Challenge

The welcome and break time on the day includes opportunity to test your own security awareness in our HackerEscape. This CGI escape room ‘on wheels’ is the perfect way to become familiar with the various ways in which hackers typically try to obtain information from your company and how your own behaviour can make a difference.


Welcome and introductions by Tessy van Stuijvenberg, Senior Vice President & BU Leader Belgium and South of The Netherlands


Under fire! by Lucien Sikkens, Director OT / ICS Security with CGI


Cybersecurity Insights by Willem Jan de Graaff, Delivery Director with CGI


Coffee Break


Cyber art / food for thought by Dries Depoorter, artist working with technology


Lunch Break


Enhancing OT Visibility & Threat Detection by Robert Tom, Systems Engineer with Nozomi


Secure industrial connections at scale by Ton Sips, Lead Systems Engineering with Fortinet


Coffee Break


NIS 2.0 | Latest developments and future impact of regulatory developments by Dr. Konstantinos Moulinos with ENISA


Wrap up with Q&A and closing



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You cannot protect what you do not know... The 2022 CGI Industrial Cybersecurity Event is a next step towards a more resilient industrial environment, based on insights, overview and collaborative actions. Register today via the link below. Then you know and learn how you can build your resilience better.


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CGI is closely working with clients and partners to build on insights and offers practical solutions and services to boost cyber resilience. This helps clients improve their security posture, both within their own organisation and their wider ecosystem. This takes into account not just the technology perspective but also potential gaps in day-to-day practice vs. policies, impacted by developments in EU and or local national cybersecurity regulation.

Why CGI in Industrial Cybersecurity

CGI has over 40 years of heritage in creating and securing critical business systems in complex, environments across the globe, including defense and intelligence sectors. We have invested in establishing our credentials, working closely with international security associations and standards bodies. While cyber threats are global, we know that requirements vary locally and challenges are unique to each organization. Through our expert talent, deep technical and business knowledge, security operations centers, best practices and frameworks, we work to ensure controls are baked in, not bolted on.

About our partners for this event


Nozomi Networks is leading in OT and IoT security by unifying cybersecurity visibility for the largest critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT environments around the world. Fortinet secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world with its Fortinet Security Fabric architecture and appliances.