Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a variety of intensive, trans-disciplinary short courses for Master students, PhD candidates and professionals. Join our Winter Programme and improve your research and communication skills. Expand your knowledge and learn to efficiently share it with others while earning study credits. All our small-scale courses are designed to give you an intensive and in-depth look into the subject. You will engage in cross-cultural discussions with a group of professionals from all over the world. 

Modern society is growing increasingly digital. At the same time, it aims to be inclusive, to increase the quality of life, to tune and adapt for the need of different contexts, and last but not least, to decrease its environmental footprint as we learn how to best integrate, apply, and prioritize sustainability.

Course level Master, PhD candidates and professionals from all disciplines
Session 2 11 January to 18 January 2020
Coordinating lecturer Prof. Patricia Lago
Other lecturers Dr. Eltjo Poort (CGI), Mr. Roberto Verdecchia (VU)
Form(s) of instruction Lectures, project assignments, discussions, group work
Form(s) of assessment Individual project, presentation
ECTS 3 credits
Contact hours 30 hours (5 days, 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the afternoon)
Tuition fee

€800 - non-VU students and staff

€500 - VU students and staff

This course will benefit Master and PhD students in Computer Science or related disciplines, Master and PhD students in fields where digitalization plays a significant role within the research or workload.

Overall, students with a strong interest in the impact that software and digitalization can, and should, have for sustainability and the energy transition will excel in this course. If you have doubts about your eligibility for the course, please contact us: graduatewinterschool@vu.nl.