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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is the foundation of our culture, embedded in our DNA from our common Dream to our core value of Respect.

We recognise the richness that diversity brings to the company and we strive to create an inclusive working environment, building strong relationships and supporting each other to achieve our potential.

Our Leaders, members and D&I Council all champion initiatives to encourage D&I as a CGI way of life. Some tangible examples of this include:

  • Partnering with Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications (FitT) to provide our female members the opportunity to be mentored or mentor like-minded females in the industry
  • Enhancing our parental leave benefits to 16 weeks paid leave for the primary care giver
  • Closing the gender pay gap between like for like roles across Australia
  • Being endorsed by Work180, an advocate for working women who provide a directory of endorsed employers who support D&I and equality
  • Sponsoring the Girls in Tech’s Catalyst Australia Conference as part of our drive to encourage more women into technology and STEM, promote gender equality in the workplace and highlight the achievements of female entrepreneurs.
  • Launching ‘Bring Your Whole Self to Work’, a program which includes a series of events around Pride, Harmony Day and International Women’s Day, focusing on educating, promoting and celebrating our unique differences, with the message that ‘we love everything about you’.
  • Developing an annual calendar actively promoting different cultural celebrations.


We believe as a company, that we should reflect society and that the best of CGI is a reflection of what our clients look like and also society looks like

Tara McGeehan – President, CGI UK and Australia