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CGI PayPartner360 provides card processors, banks and major retailers the opportunity to offer an innovative card solution that stand out from the competition, attract customers’ attention and leads to dominance in an ever-growing and ever-changing market.

CGI PayPartner360 is a highly scalable and flexible unified transaction platform providing authorisations, card account management, clearing and settlement. With CGI PayPartner360 services, CGI enables a journey of IT modernization and simplification for a banks cards business, enabling access to  a next generation world class banking experience for their customers.

CGI’s approach:

  • Delivers significant cost savings
  • Shortens time-to-market 
  • Enables new sophisticated bonus and loyalty schemes for the Bank’s clients
  • Minimises the bank’s risks whilst ensuring early value is delivered to the Bank.
  • Gives the Bank one solution and one interface for all the cards, with extended functionality that can be used easily for the standard credit cards while keeping costs low on debit cards

Furthermore, when CGI takes full responsibility for running the current services and migration project it frees the bank resources to work with the future operation model and architecture.

PayPartner360 – Financial

Download the PDF brochure and read more about how CGI PayPartner360 can help Winning the wallet war (PDF, 2,5 MB)

In a totally integrated environment, CGI provide the enabling technology for the bank:

  • Integrate with POS solutions in order to increase functionality at the time of purchase
  • Campaign tools in order to quickly launch market activities towards focus groups
  • Extremely flexible and parameter driven setup of new products
  • Flexible financing parameters
  • Integration with mobile apps with online bonus & loyalty

 Fire up the video to see the full potential of CGI PayPartner360!


Please contact us for more information:

Vidar Bergseth
Mob: +47 957 24 141