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Profilbilde Jens-Christian Volhøj

Mer enn 20 års erfaring med å bygge opp nye forretningsområder innen Industri 4.0, Big Data, Advanced Analytics (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT, IIoT, Business Intelligence og Data Warehousing. Ansvarlig for Cybersecurity hos CGI i Danmark.

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Transforming to cloud? A solid groundwork is the key to success

August 19, 2021 The cloud is everywhere. Every business and organization is either in it, moving to it or considering how to get to it. With the ongoing push for digital transformation, many businesses and organizations see the cloud as a gateway to achieving complex, innovative and mission-critical projects. So ...

Schrems II, not a sequel to Shrek, but another monster lurking in the swamp

June 4, 2021 The general cineaste might get excited when hearing the name Schrems II. Is this a movie about another big green ogre? Or a sequel about a new super-hero? Well, I think Schrems II might have a chance of outnumbering Rocky before we are done here, but in a totally different area. This is something ...

Schrems II - how to make the necessary assessments and protections

June 4, 2021 In a previous post I gave an overview of the impact of the new Schrems II ruling, by the Court of Justice of the European Union. What makes Schrems II so important for organizations mainly boils down to growing use of cloud services. With Schrems II as a European company you are required to conduct ...