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Francis D'Silva

Francis D’Silva is an experienced technology strategy consultant with more than 35 years as a practitioner. He has deep expertise in the design of tactical and strategic use of technology in public service agencies and commercial enterprises across different industries.

His specialisation is in organizational technology – tools for collaboration-driven activities within and between enterprises. He has a deep understanding of the Norwegian Public Service and the Norwegian healthcare landscape – public service agencies, non-profit organisations and commercial enterprises and their associations. 

He is passionate about shaping solutions that respond to opportunities and challenges at the intersection of technology, markets and societal development. Francis advises executives and board members of business enterprises and public service agencies in the operationalization of innovation strategies and strategies for collaboration and data sharing.

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If Digitalisation is the answer, what was the question?

October 13, 2020 A lot has been written and said about digitalisation. And one can expect that more will be written, and even more will be said. Talkers, writers and doers – all are needed simultaneously, some probably more than others. So, what is it with digitalisation? My own brain-exploding realisation was ...