Do you fancy intriguing work in a complex and challenging environment?

Galileo is a prestigious European project. In the current world situation, it is important for Europe to be sovereign and independent. This is why the EU has its own navigation system, as a counterpart to America’s GPS, Russia's GLONASS and China's Beidou.

In our Rotterdam office, CGI works on the design, development, validation, qualification, maintenance and security of elements responsible for the communication between ground stations and the satellites and users. The Galileo program is in constant evolution: the 1st generation satellites are being replaced with a new generation of satellites with increased capabilities which entails a complete revision of the ground segment both in terms of software and hardware!

CGI is also developing Galileo applications for governments and companies, such as S-Tracks. This solution provides reliable position determination & validation, making jamming and spoofing of navigation signals detectable and enabling appropriate action to be taken. S-Tracks allows users to bring the secure Galileo signal into real world applications, for example: ensuring an offender with an ankle bracelet is really at home and not using a spoofer. S-Tracks also has applications for the transport and logistics domain as it can be used for special cargo transports.

In short: we have a lot of work to do in a complex and challenging environment. We are always looking for talented Engineers who want to join us on the exiting crossroad between IT and Space. Currently, we are especially looking for multiple Infrastructure Engineers, Microsoft Windows Engineers and Test Engineers. Experience or affinity with space is nice, but not a necessity because CGI has its own Space Academy that supports all members in the training they need to achieve their career goals.

Do you have the ambition, skills and drive to develop and maintain essential infrastructure in the space sector? Let us know!

5 Reasons for choosing CGI Space 

Sharing knowledge

CGI's Space Unit has been around for decades and employs around 100 specialists. They have a huge amount of unique knowledge about space and IT. That's solid gold for your own development!

High-profile clients

The direct client of the CGI Galileo team is Thales Alenia Space. Indirectly, you will work for large leading players such as ESA and EUSPA.

An international vibe

Your colleagues will come from across the EU such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain. There is an international vibe in a close-knit team that regularly does fun things together. The language on the floor is English but Dutch courses are available for the international members who are willing to take on the challenge of learning a new language!

Self-managing teams

At CGI, we work with small self-managing teams that work locally and independently on great projects and have direct client contact. This allows us to think along with our customers about their business processes. It's great to be directly involved in the solutions we can offer our clients.

Keep developing
Above all, keep developing yourself! It is important that our employees have the latest knowledge. At CGI, you are given every opportunity to take training courses. With our own CGI Academy, we offer internal training courses. There is also a digital training environment that colleagues can use. In addition, CGI has its own Space Academy to give you all the knowledge you need about space. Plenty of opportunities to show what you can do and to develop yourself!


Our vacancies

For the Space Unit we are looking for multiple Infrastructure Engineers, Microsoft Windows Engineers and Test Engineers. The current vacancies can be found here:

Our experiences

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