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Offerings in the Asia Pacific

Business and Strategic IT consultancy

Partnering with industry leaders, CGI partners navigate change and build long-term value through business strategy, human-centered transformation, customer/citizen value, and digital leadership. With deep industry knowledge and AI-powered insights, we empower your teams to drive sustainable success. Discover more about our Business and Strategic IT Consultancy services.

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Systems Integration

Seamlessly integrating systems from the back office to the front office, CGI ensures secure and efficient digital experiences for your customers and citizens. With decades of expertise and a global delivery network, we combine traditional and emerging technologies to enhance productivity and data integrity.

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Managed Services

At CGI, we refer to outsourcing as managed IT services because we work and partner with you as an extension of your organization to enhance business agility in today's digital world. We manage complex tech environment and deliver value by increasing agility, scalability, resilience, and security. Our approach connects front-end and back-end systems to optimize operations, reduce costs, and accelerate innovation.

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Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions and Services

IP-based solutions are highly configurable "business platforms as a service", embedded within our end-to-end service offerings. CGI offers a wide range of IPs like cloud operators using AI, ERP systems for food service providers, AI chatbots for customer support, government debt recovery solutions, modular payments solutions, and automated case management among others.

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Voice of Our Clients

Annually, CGI leaders meet with business and IT executives to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. These insights—including the attributes of digital leaders—lead to actions to maximize returns on digital investments to satisfy the needs of customers and citizens.

Key findings

The gap between having a digital strategy and producing results reflects “early days” of holistic transformation:

have a digitization strategy in place
include their external ecosystem
are producing expected results