Be a part of an inclusive workplace

Be a part of an inclusive workplace

We are committed to provide an environment where all our professionals reach their full potential. Be part of a team that provides equal access to resources and opportunities in order to work, learn and grow.

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Women of CGI

Maternity Transition

This holistic maternity transition program equips our women professionals and helps them prepare for the transition, stay connected through maternity leave and make a successful transition back to a rewarding career.

Leadership Development Program

Unnati is our leadership development program which aims to build the personal and professional potential of our women professionals by enabling them and preparing them for leadership roles.

Women Wizards Rule Technology

A program in partnership with NASSCOM, focusses on mentoring women technologists to professionally grow their career in emerging technology.

Inclusive policies

Maternity Leave and Creche Benefit: Women professionals can avail Maternity Leave and creche services to ensure their children are taken care of while at work.


Member resource group

Member Resource Group (MRG)

CGI's member resource groups exist to foster inclusion and empower often underrepresented members to achieve their goals. These groups benefit both the well-being of individual members and the business, while supporting a culture of belonging. 

Explore our MRGs
  • Work Life Balance
  • Health & Well-being
  • Women in Tech
  • Early in Career
  • People with Disabilities (PWD) – Coming soon
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People with Disabilities (PWD)

At CGI we go the extra mile to nurture a truly inclusive culture by removing barriers, so you are able to focus on your career and fulfill your potential.



We want more diverse voices to be heard at CGI

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