When you join CGI for your next career, you collaborate with people who are deeply committed to your success. We are more than employees. We are CGI Partners because we are company owners and embody partnership behaviors in creating value for all of our stakeholders. Being a CGI Partner is more than just what we say—it is part of who we are.

All who join us are CGI Partners. This designation applies to our consultants and professionals in every role and every title within the company. Being a CGI Partner is a reflection of our strong ownership culture where everyone embodies partnership behaviors in their day-to-day work—including engaging with clients and colleagues to turn meaningful insights into actions.

Collectively, we are CGI’s second-largest group of individual shareholders. This means each of us plays a significant role in shaping our company’s future while delivering client value.

  • For clients, working with CGI Partners means you collaborate with experts in your industry and in the technologies relevant for your business. We bring a consultative mindset and develop deep, accountable relationships to help you successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. The trust clients have in the capabilities and commitment of CGI Partners is demonstrated by the high satisfaction ratings we receive from signed client assessments, which averaged 9.4 out of 10 this past fiscal year.
  • For candidates, we invite you to be an owner of the company from day 1 and to benefit from the rewards of our collective success. That’s why we call ourselves CGI Partners rather than employees. Being a CGI Partner gives you the opportunity and responsibility to participate in all aspects of our company, including actively shaping our future strategy and direction. In addition, CGI Partners are at the forefront of helping to create value for our clients’ customers and citizens, as together we work to address today’s most complex issues.

As CGI Partners, being actively engaged in the life of our company means:

  • We help shape CGI’s day-to-day services and solutions. We are students of our clients’ industries and leverage the opportunities, resources, and global expertise available across CGI as part of bringing everyday innovation to the work that we do in collaboration with clients.
  • We help shape CGI’s future direction. Our annual strategic planning process is designed to gather input from all our stakeholders. For example, CGI Partners have in-depth discussions with clients to gain perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. These conversations provide actionable insights on global industry trends and business and technology priorities. CGI Partners are likewise consulted on shaping life at CGI, from enhancing services to clients, to evolving our growth strategy, culture, and work environment.
  • We help shape CGI’s culture. Our ownership culture is one of our most distinctive attributes and we are actively involved in sustaining it. Through the CGI Constitution, CGI Partners are guided by our dream, driven by our vision, committed to our mission, and live by our values. Each of us deeply understands and adheres to our culture, which drives our focus on keeping our teams and clients satisfied.

In 1976, CGI was founded with the objective of building a world-class business and IT consulting services leader. CGI Partners have always been instrumental to our long-term success. We are committed to helping clients achieve their ROI-led digitization, to empowering one another to achieve fulfilling careers, and to delivering superior returns to our shareholders– and, with all three stakeholders, to enabling our communities to be more inclusive and sustainable.