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Mission-critical IT systems for clients in space, defence and intelligence

CGI operates across the Cyberspace, Space, Military Space, Aerospace, Maritime, Land, Business Systems and Intelligence domains.

Delivered connectivity between NHS digital systems and Defence Medical systems to rapidly enable secure, multi-directional flow of COVID-19 vaccination data for Service personnel.

CGI and European Space Agency (ESA) partner to develop a new wildfire mapping service that combines recent advances in Earth Observation (EO), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to better map and monitor the impact of wildfires.

Cybersecurity is part of everything we do. We work with leading organisations across commercial and government sectors in Australia, the UK, Canada, USA and Europe.

CGI OpenLand360 is a single software solution which integrates all hardware devices and systems within military vehicles.

This video explains the benefits of using CGI GeoData360 for the industrialisation of applications that use Earth Observation data.