Our clients tell us that it is becoming harder for them to build a strong team of cyber security specialists as the demand and costs for these scarce skills skyrockets. Experts need access to advanced monitoring, correlation and analysis tools and need the latest local and global information sources to predict and prevent attacks. They also need to understand attackers, from espionage teams, to cyber criminals, to hacktivists. 

Cyber security is part of everything we do. Our teams continuously identify, integrate and deploy the most innovative security solutions to maintain a state-of-the-art protective monitoring services. We often find security threats that have successfully penetrated an organisation’s standard defensive measures. Such threats may be the result of highly sophisticated external attacks succeeding in circumventing the organisation’s security measures or by an “insider threat” where employees or contractors can maliciously, inadvertently or negligently introduce security risks into their business’ IT environment.

Operate with confidence

Four steps to operating with confidence:

  1. Designing, integrating and maintaining the best tools and information sources that provide monitoring and analysis services – with management information feeds
  2. Building our team of highly experienced and talented analysts who understand the trends and latest attack vectors
  3. Providing a rapid response to an incident
  4. Delivering constant improvement, recognising that threat behaviours and defensive technologies evolve at a fantastically rapid pace

Our services include:

  • Protective monitoring - Intrusion protection, encryption, log and firewall management
  • Advanced threat investigation – malware analysis, network traffic analysis, security analytics and digital forensics
  • Incident response – identify, contain, eradicate, recovery and follow up. Our Security Operating Centres (SOC) centres handle hundreds of millions of cyber events a day and support over 100 clients.