As people, businesses and communities navigate the global pandemic, we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we live and work. From remote working, to online classrooms and conferences, to staying in touch with loved ones, virtual environments are helping people and businesses stay connected as they continue to practice physical distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

However, from a cybersecurity standpoint, this new virtual reality has increased vulnerability to threat actors, who are actively exploiting these uncertain times. To respond to these heightened cybersecurity risks, CGI’s security experts are uniting by volunteering their expertise and time to better protect people, businesses and communities against cyber threats.

Below, we highlight a few examples from CGI’s operations around the world.

Securing businesses in Canada

Business and IT leaders are increasingly concerned about the risk of growing cyber attacks aimed at employees who are now working remotely. To help address these concerns, in early April, CGI collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal Metropolitan (CCMM) to present a webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity. The webinar provided an in-depth look at increased security threats, including phishing, ransomware, fraudulent sites and applications, and offered solutions for each threat. It also included a guide on the “7 golden rules to meet the challenges of COVID-19,” developed by CGI’s cybersecurity experts in Canada.

Safeguarding hospitals in the Netherlands

Healthcare institutions and providers are facing the additional challenge of increased cyber attacks designed to compromise patient data and disrupt care. CGI’s security experts in the Netherlands have formed the coalition 'We Help Hospitals' to help Dutch healthcare institutions guard against ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks. As part of the initiative, CGI consultants volunteered 100 hours of consultancy and technical expertise to Dutch hospitals to help improve their cybersecurity posture and defend against threat actors during these critical times. They also developed a website that offers emergency access to CGI’s cyber expert volunteers.

Protecting students, teachers and families in Finland

To support continuity in education during these unprecedented times, many schools and educational institutions are moving to remote learning. As teachers and students adjust to online learning, they need to ensure their privacy and safety on the Internet. CGI members in Finland are offering virtual cybersecurity awareness lessons for parents, teachers and students. To make learning fun, they have created a mobile game to help participants understand basic security practices including the importance of protecting privacy, creating strong passwords, updating systems and navigating social media. Titled, “Spoofy,” the cyber game turns children into cybersecurity heroes who help solve digital challenges in four different real life-based environments such as home and school.

Respond. Rebound. Reinvent.

Since our founding in 1976, being a responsible and caring member of the communities where we live and work has been a CGI core value. Throughout the pandemic crisis, our commitment to our communities remains as strong as ever. Our local experts in 400+ locations, combined with our global resources, help you respond to unprecedented challenges, rebound at the right pace, and reinvent ways of working. We are committed to supporting you and our communities. Visit to learn more.