During this training, you will learn the basics of SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML), with which you can create and manipulate database structure and update data content. Our training gives basic knowledge for creating new databases and updating data content without using any graphical user interface.

Target audience:

The training is primarily intended for database administrators who have basics knowledge of SQL queriesThe course uses Affecto Academy own-developed material. The material is based on SQL language standard, but it includes key differences in Microsoft and Oracle’s own syntax.

Training includes many hands-on practices.


Participants need basic knowledge of SQL queries, sub-queries and table join queries or attending Affecto SQL Language Basics course.


SQL is a query language standardized by the ANSI Institute, which is used to retrieve information and to edit database structures in to relational databases. Many reporting tools produce underlying SQL language automatically: to understand SQL Language is the basic requirement for developing Business Intelligence environments and producing better reporting.


This two-day training includes the following topics:


Subqueries and table joins – re-cap

  • Subqueries – re-cap
  • Table joins – re-cap
  • Derived tables


DDL: creating and manipulating data structure

  • Creating database and database objects
  • Integrity features
  • Changind table structure

DML: manipulating data content

  • Adding data content
  • Changing data content
  • Deleting data content

SQL-99: new options for grouping data

  • Super syummary
  • Grouping function

CASE structure

  • CASE, categorize by rows
  • CASE, categorize by columns
  • CASE and useful functions
Date and time


Please contact peter.stromberg@cgi.com for course enquiries.

Course location
LocationKongensgate 6
Course price
NOK 11.000,-
Course language
Language: Norwegian