Committed to provide service continuity in a safe and flexible way during challenging times.

Dear clients,
Certainly, the most recent weeks have presented us all with unprecedented challenges. We speak for all of our 76,000 professionals and consultants when we say that at times like these, we are here to help. 
We are driven daily by a simple message from the professionals and consultants of CGI, who tell us that delivering what our clients need is their greatest source of satisfaction. During challenging times, we believe your organizations need service continuity in a safe, flexible, and compassionate manner for your employees and their families, who are experiencing uncertainty in other aspects of their lives. Through our local teams in over 400 locations in 40 countries, all of our professionals and consultants are committed to adapting to the circumstances to deliver for you, and for the communities where we all live.

The missions of your organizations are critical to managing the crisis and providing stability

We recognize that this period requires the ability to change quickly, as all organizations must work with their own customers, local governments, and suppliers in new ways, all while safeguarding the health and safety of employees and communities. Many of your organizations are on the front lines of crisis response efforts, delivering critical public health and safety services. Commercial organizations such as banks, manufacturers, and retailers also play a major role in adapting supply chains and modifying administrative systems for the evolving needs of your customers, employees, and communities.  Rapidly changing times require adaptive and innovative ways of working, and our local teams are committed to working with you to fulfill your needs. 
Our commitment to global and local service continuity 

As always, we empower our local leaders to focus on service continuity and safety, working with you to make the best decisions, in line with local government guidance. This is truly a benefit of our proximity-based operations. You can rely on us to institute the working arrangements that align with your needs. Rest assured, in our own local facilities, we continue to adopt social distancing guidelines, increase facility cleaning, and mitigate risk through eliminating non-essential business travel. We will also continue to enable our local leaders to communicate with you to ensure we can adapt rapidly together on an ongoing basis.
Please also be aware that CGI’s executive crisis management team meets daily to review and update our business continuity plans, working collaboratively with regional and local counterparts, to ensure we maintain and execute comprehensive plans for this evolving pandemic. 
On behalf of our 76,000 professionals and consultants, we thank you for your business and commit to providing you the service continuity you need in a safe and flexible manner in support of you and your customers. 
Warm regards,

George D. Schindler 
President & Chief Executive Officer

Julie Godin
Co-Chair of the Board and Executive Vice-President,
Strategic Planning and Corporate Development