A solution becomes really unique when a patent is granted. That happened recently with CGI's S-TrackS.

Our Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) uses Galileo, the European satellite navigation system. It features a government-regulated service called Public Regulated Service (PRS), a reliable positioning signal that detects deception. European countries develop products and services based on this signal for their own use. S-TrackS is a unique solution for the Dutch market. So unique that we have filed a patent application together with the General Patent and Trademark Office (AOMB). An examiner examined it and assessed its operation as 'new, inventive and technical viable'. From now on, S-TrackS will be registered as a Dutch patent. We have thus achieved a very special performance with a unique invention!

Step towards the EU

As it goes with Space, we are not dependent on borders and are taking the patent one step further. The patent application was recently granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), giving us a unique solution for Europe as well.

About S-TrackS

Secure Tracking Services (S-TrackS) is CGI's authentication and fraud detection solution for tracking activities. S-TrackS enables reliable satellite-generated positions to be used as legal evidence. Whether it is for security issues or commercial or legal interests, S-TrackS provides reliable proof of position! The building blocks for this solution are the knowledge that CGI has in the field of mobility and space travel and our expertise in the field of (cyber) security and - in particular - Galileo PRS.

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