Well-being Around the World 2024 - “Shaping our healthy future together” marks this milestone

For 20 years, CGI has worked toward an inclusive culture focused on health and well-being, providing support and resources for our CGI Partners to thrive personally and professionally in a safe and respectful workplace. This commitment has been instrumental to their success and that of our organization.

As a professional services firm, we understand that people are at the heart of our business. Since our founding, we have been committed to the health and well-being of each of our professionals and their desire to continuously develop and grow. This is why, 20 years ago, we took a decisive step to launch our health and well-being program, Oxygen. As we mark this anniversary of institutionalizing this commitment, we reflect on the journey that has transformed our workplace culture and advances our priorities.

A transformative journey

In 2004, before health and well-being in the workplace became a priority in many organizations, Oxygen Corporate Health, provided well-being services to employees in various organizations, including CGI Partners in Canada. In 2009, Oxygen merged its activities with those of CGI to offer our consultants and professionals a complete range of health and well-being services.

These steps marked a bold commitment to prioritize the health and well-being of our professionals, setting in motion a transformative journey that would shape our culture in the years to come.

Investing in resources to guide and support our health and well-being strategy

Over the years, CGI’s health and well-being initiatives and services have expanded globally to include creating a global health and well-being center of expertise, Oxygen.

Oxygen comprises a multidisciplinary team of workplace well-being experts who oversee the integration of health and well-being best practices into our processes, environment and initiatives. They tailor services and resources to meet the health and well-being needs of our diverse CGI Partners across our 400 locations worldwide. 

This includes resources designed to help our CGI Partners and leaders thrive, such as our:


  • Member Assistance Program (MAP) - a service that provides our professionals and their families with 24/7, confidential, and culturally relevant counseling, information and qualified referrals to support personal and professional challenges.
  • Oxygen portal - an interactive platform that features a range of resources and information (e.g., webinars, booklets and articles) to help our professionals focus on their health and well-being.
  • Online learning channels - an on-demand global e-learning tool that provides a rich content library to support our professionals’ health and well-being learning needs.
  • Mental Health Ambassadors network – an internal peer-to-peer network consisting of volunteers at all levels from across our global operations who are trained to support their colleagues.
  • Affinity groups – a global initiative comprising groups that empower and engage our professionals with a common background, interest or purpose and offer them a safe space to openly and respectfully share their personal experiences, opinions and ideas.
  • CGI for Good – a digital volunteering tool that gives our professionals access to local and global volunteering opportunities.

Leading by example

We consider our leaders to be central to the success of our health and well-being strategy and programs. Equipping them to adopt healthy leadership practices remains a key priority.

We encourage them to start with self-care, nurturing their personal mental and physical health to then contribute to the well-being of their teams and families.


Our strategy encourages a culture of belonging, supports work-life balance, furthers our CGI Partners’ education, and leverages technology to benefit their well-being. Read our latest ESG 2023 report to learn more about our commitment to health and well-being, strategy and programs.

Shaping our healthy future together

Each year, we organize a global initiative called Well-being Around the World (WAW) that unifies us in our commitment to health and well-being. This year, our theme, “Shaping our healthy future together,” shines a spotlight on 20 years of fostering a workplace culture of health and well-being.

During this campaign, CGI Partners are participating in local initiatives to raise awareness of the health and well-being resources and support available and to learn more about emerging well-being topics such as inclusiveness, the impact of technologies and artificial intelligence on health, and the importance of meaningful relationships in a world that has become increasingly digital. The goal is to encourage everyone at CGI to experience how, together, we can continue to shape our healthy future at work, at home, and in our communities.

The WAW program and numerous others that take place throughout the year, at both a global and local level, support holistic and inclusive well-being for all our professionals and consultants.

We believe that enabling a positive and supportive work environment empowers CGI Partners to bring their best selves to work, enabling us to deliver on our commitment of excellence to clients, and advancing our collective success.

Looking ahead

As we acknowledge our past achievements, we are mindful of the challenges ahead. We are excited to build on the strong foundation we have laid over the past two decades and continue to adapt to evolving needs and challenges, helping each other to thrive in ever-changing environments.

Our goal is to stay on the leading edge of the health and well-being best practices and continue to act on emerging well-being priorities for human sustainability.