CGI’s integrated public space management (IBOR) solution helps increase safety and improve energy efficiency. Watch the video to learn more about how CGI is helping clients build smarter cities with this solution.
En raison d’installations photovoltaïques résidentielles locales et d’importants parcs éoliens extracôtiers, la production d’électricité est devenue plus décentralisée, de plus en plus imprévisible et tributaire de la géographie. Prenons l’exemple du gestionnaire du réseau de transport (GRT) allemand Tennet, dont ...

12/18  central energy market systems in the world are designed and built by CGI
53 million smart gas and electricity meters in Britain will communicate with CGI systems
60 /100  utilities in North America  use CGI’s workforce  management systems


CGI works across the entire value chain of a utility, from production/generation and transmission and distribution operators to utility suppliers and central market operators. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.

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