In today’s typical newsroom, journalists around the world work independently with large amounts of information. With our integration-ready newsroom system OpenMedia, this information can be researched, structured and planned more effectively.

The solution’s main focus is on the theme- or story-oriented approach, which allows TV, radio and online journalists to share their topics and contributions across platforms, and thus work more efficiently, more rapidly and more thoroughly. OpenMedia provides several individual newsroom modules that delight editorial teams with their openness to integration.

OpenMedia Infinity

Comprehensive news production

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Our flagship newsroom computer system, OpenMedia INFINITY, provides maximum speed and scalability for handling complex workflows in broadcast news production – from wire search, scripting and rundown management through to playout control. The system is fully compliant with the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol.

Key features
  • Comprehensive scalability for companies of any size
  • Adaptability with a host of customization options, including an adaptable user interface
  • Instant availability with a range of complex workflows, delivering at maximum speed
  • Anachronistic workflows supporting both cluster and virtual IT environments
  • Flexible workflows delivering what you need in your newsroom
  • Smooth integration of third-party systems enabled by the OpenMedia Interface Service (OMIS) framework 


OpenMedia NOW

Ready-to-go newsroom system

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OpenMedia NOW is a cost-effective package consisting of a preconfigured newsroom computer system for TV and digital media combined with a set of professional services. The OpenMedia NOW toolset fully complies with the requirements of rapidly changing news industry, enabling fast and powerful research across multiple sources.

Key features
  • Cost-effective package
  • Preconfigured, easy to start
  • Unique story-centric workflow 
  • Newswires and RSS feeds import
  • Social media research
  • News planning and collaboration
  • Story scripting and rundown management
  • Posting to social media and online
  • Upgradable to OpenMedia


OpenMedia NewsBoard

Organised story production

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With its modern and unified web user interface, OpenMedia NewsBoard enables journalists and editorial teams to organize their story production process from anywhere. The fully customisable and open widget architecture allows newsrooms to stay flexible for workflow adaptations at any time, and enables a more dynamic collaboration process between editors and presenters.

Key features
  • Dashboard solution helps organise the story creation process
  • Meta-driven workflows support from up to thousands of journalists
  • Customizable open widget architecture helps newsrooms keep up with continuous workflow changes
  • Full web-based interface relies on proven architecture that can handle hundreds of concurrent users