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Currently, the energy industry is seeing significant changes in how the distribution grid operates, as well as how customers participate in the market. Advances in analytics capabilities and the influx of available data for more robust planning and operation of...

Appointing the right Product Owner for your Agile team is an integral step to meet goals and deliver value to your customers. Read the brochure to discover the attributes and skills that make a successful product owner.

Alex Woodward
Alex Woodward

Navigating the cyber security landscape: Challenges, actions, and 2024 predictions

8 January 2024 In an era where organisations are increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure, the critical role of IT in achieving mission objectives cannot be overstated. As this digital landscape expands, supply chains grow longer and more complex, incorporating both companies and the...

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

The role of digitalisation in delivering a just energy transition

6 December 2023 Current estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA) show energy consumption accounts for more than three-quarters of total greenhouse gas emissions globally. No surprise then that how to decarbonise energy use is a significant topic at COP28. In this blog...

Water companies have a large number of remote and unattended sites, many unmonitored by traditional SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems.

The distributed nature of renewable energy generation is creating network challenges. A key Australian distributor has partnered with CGI to develop a solution.

In our latest Energy Transition Talks podcast, Peter Warren continues the discussion in part two of our series with energy transition and decarbonisation expert Pedro Carmo. Building on the previous episode, they discuss the state of the energy market, the...