Creating a path for future growth and sustainable value

The need for climate action and other macro trends continue to generate demand for sustainable energy — from renewables to green hydrogen to demand response and the rise of prosumers. Energy companies and utilities need effective ways to develop and manage these initiatives to help drive the energy transition and decarbonization, and adapt to an evolving ecosystem with new entrants from other industries.

From diversifying the energy mix with cleaner sources, to enabling greater reliability and flexibility for industrial and residential consumers, energy and utilities organizations have a unique role to play in accelerating the decarbonization of our societies. 

Pursuing this agenda requires specialized expertise and capabilities. Whether optimizing renewable assets, modernizing grids, advancing green hydrogen capabilities, or fulfilling ESG requirements, we offer proven frameworks and best-fit technology to help you speed transformation and optimize performance: 

  • Large-scale asset management - Effective management of assets requires actionable insight to improve performance and achieve business goals. We help clients achieve the full potential of their assets through industry-leading services and solutions:
  • Smaller-scale asset management - Local communities play a vital role in reducing GHG emissions. DERs like solar PV panels, wind generation units, EV charging / battery storage and demand management are empowering consumers to be part of the electrical network. Models like microgrids help communities define a long-term vision for the energy transition. All of this requires a comprehensive approach to managing network infrastructure.
  • Green hydrogen - Some companies are accelerating the energy transition by pursuing leadership positions in the distribution and use of green hydrogen. Such moves require actionable data insights and smart digital solutions. We offer proven experience in deploying green hydrogen plant control systems and hydrogen data exchange platforms.
  • Energy market facilitation - The energy transition and rapid growth of renewable energy resources create a pressing need for new services, flexibility and real-time information to support efficient energy market operations. For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of building, implementing and operating complex, high-volume central market infrastructures that lower operating costs, improve reliability and resilience, and deliver more flexible and scalable technologies.

Evolving challenges of the energy transition are complex, but solvable. They require a holistic, data-driven approach that encompasses people and culture, business processes and technology. The right strategic partner can help you navigate changing market dynamics and transform business models, systems and processes to meet current and future requirements. We bring a deep understanding of the energy value chain and proven experience in renewables management, DERs integration, green hydrogen production control, energy market management, and more. 

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