There are some things that simple telemetry and IOT sensors just can’t detect – leaving you to manually inspect your plant and other assets. This takes engineers away from proactive maintenance and repair work and exposes you to the impact of outages that happen in between inspections. Then, there are some assets that are simply impossible to monitor continually (using manual or traditional sensors), putting you and your customers at risk of compliance breaches and more serious incidents.

CGI Machine Vision services and solutions work to change the economics of visual inspection.

The best way to explain it is with sector examples. CGI Machine Vision can be applied by clients to monitor, map, analyse and alert them to changes for example:

  • Infrastructure vulnerable to environmental damage

    • Rail & roads with bridges
    • Dam & pipe inspection
  • Remote facilities
    • Water treatment monitoring
  • Advanced people monitoring requirements
    • Security agencies
    • Hosting facilities

Read our factsheet about how CGI Machine Vision could work for your organisation. Or arrange a meeting or discussion with our Emerging Technology experts - Neville Richards.