As industry executives across the globe respond to the pandemic crisis, ensuring continuity of essential services has never been more critical.

In working with our client-proximity operations, CGI’s Asia Pacific Global Delivery Centers across India, Malaysia and the Philippines serve as a reliable engine to help clients continue to provide essential products and services. From call center operations to application and infrastructure management, our global delivery experts help clients continue to benefit from access to industry and technology expertise at optimal value.

Our response

Drawing upon CGI’s business continuity plan, our Asia Pacific operations quickly mobilized teams to support clients remotely. This included:

  • Ensuring connectivity: Prior to the pandemic, CGI’s networks enabled Asia Pacific’s workforce of 15,000 professionals to work remotely. Anticipating impending lockdowns, members with desktops were quickly issued laptops and provided with remote mobility services where required. As a result, CGI has been able to deliver offshore services seamlessly at expected service levels even as our own operations transitioned to the new working model.
  • Engaging in security protocols: Having just completed mandatory security training at the start of the year, CGI’s professionals across the globe had access to the latest protocols to collaborate securely with clients and one another at scale. Asia Pacific leaders added to this training with the signing of non-disclosure agreements across client engagements—all signatures collected within 24 hours—and engaged in additional measures such as laptop hardening to minimize security vulnerabilities.
  • Collaborating with the local authorities: As local authorities mobilized to reduce the impact of the pandemic, CGI collaborated with officials to follow stay-at-home requirements while quickly applying for the clearance needed for critical resources. As a result, CGI protected its workforce and community through remote working, while safely providing continuity for the highly critical work required to be delivered on premise.

In addition, the Asia Pacific leadership team is providing continuity of community giving. While some in-person programs, such as access to our network of Digital Literacy Labs, are impacted by stay-at-home requirements, other programs have been intensified or added. These additional programs include such activities as providing STEM@CGI resources to members of the community and supporting families through employee matching programs, including CGI’s partnership with GiveIndia. We also are supporting local healthcare providers on the frontline of the pandemic by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

Helping our clients respond

Because of these actions, CGI’s Asia Pacific operations are helping clients across the industries we serve respond to the pandemic crisis through our talent and best-in-class tooling and methodologies. Examples include:

  • For a large Canadian EPC service provider, CGI mobilized the entire team of data center and end user support engineers to operate from home, and built new shift rosters and work schedules to support client offices across the globe.
  • For a large Canadian communications firm, CGI ensured a seamless transition to support 40,000 end users, shifting inbound voice calls to email support and callbacks. What normally takes months, a solution to support inbound voice calls from our professionals’ homes was developed and deployed in only a few short weeks using agile delivery methods.
  • For a UK telecom company, we helped implement their BCP plans to ensure availability of their applications. This included deploying an online self-service solution to enable the client’s end customers to resolve issues without needing to go through a contact center.
  • For a U.S. banking client using CGI solutions to support its collections operations, our experts quickly applied application changes to help adjust how the bank is servicing its customers impacted by COVID-19.
  • For a U.S. health services organization, CGI helped support rapid changes to their applications to provide uniform information to physicians and patients in response to COVID-19.
  • For a U.S. technology company, CGI helped implement virtual training to support the client’s collections services, which experienced an increase in volume while still achieving key metrics. In addition to these in-scope services, we prepared extended support services to augment customer care services provided by another vendor, which experienced service impacts due to the pandemic.

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