In Finland, most children entering primary school (around age 7) have smartphones with internet access, but lack the knowledge and skills to stay safe in today’s digital world.

To combat this problem, CGI consultant Pauliina Nikko-Takala, came up with the idea to create a free cybersecurity skills game for primary school-aged children. Her vision was to help children grow up knowing how to navigate today’s complex digital world in a safe and secure manner. Through CGI’s Dream Connectors initiative, her idea became a reality.

Spoofy: Turning kids into cyber heroes

When someone is taught a topic or skill in a fun way at a young age, the knowledge is more likely to be retained as an adult.

The cyber game produced by CGI, Spoofy, turns the children playing into cybersecurity heroes who help others solve digital challenges in four different ‘worlds’ that are familiar to them: City, Home, Grannie’s place, and School.

During the game, children, teachers and parents learn basic security practices such as the importance of protecting privacy, creating strong passwords, updating systems, and navigating social media.

To support our strategic priority of encouraging and educating more people to improve their technical and business literacy, CGI plans to make Spoofy available for use with schoolchildren in other countries, as well as create alternate versions for different age demographics.