Without supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and the associated engineering to develop, support and maintain them, our lives would be vastly different. The provision of safe and clean water, treatment of wastewater and sewage, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and gas, and reliable manufacturing to maintain supplying goods are all fundamental to supporting our way of life.

So, I derive a lot of satisfaction from the job I do every day as Director Consulting Services at CGI knowing that hundreds of thousands of citizens made it to work riding on public transport powered by electricity controlled and monitored by our SCADA system. Millions of people have safe drinking water thanks to the SCADA network we’ve built. It’s Extremely rewarding.

It is always very fulfilling to see our teams at CGI come together to deliver a vital service for our community. Thanks to CGI’s size, and its wide array of value propositions and the range of sectors that we service, I’ve been fortunate to work on a number of different types of projects. SCADA engineering projects are just one type.

We undertake complex technology engagement at CGI, which requires the convergence of many different skills and capabilities. . There is a huge variety of roles on all of these projects – application development, support engineering, project management and service delivery management are just a start.

This is just one part of my career story

CGI has really encouraged me to take on expanded and more complex roles over the last 15 years. I was originally focused on IT Infrastructure projects. These ranged from data centre stand ups and relocations, to office IT infrastructure establishment to support a variety of electricity and gas distribution systems and functions in the Utilities sector.  Another interesting project was the installation of in-car computing to assist with identifying defects in roads. This informed road infrastructure maintenance and increased road safety for drivers.

Over time, I’ve been supported in taking on the management of larger projects and programs – all the while receiving coaching and mentoring to ensure I was supported and not simply thrown in the deep end.  These experiences and opportunities have helped position me for my current director role. 

In my current role I still receive coaching and advice from my peers and my leaders. I’m lucky that the delivery teams I work with also have an incredible depth of knowledge which I draw on each day. I believe that continual development and maturing of both hard and soft skills is very important and I’ve always appreciated that at CGI, that sort of growth is an ongoing and highly supported process.

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