Shan Li Tan - Business Analyst 

As a young female in tech, I have experienced the power of true advocacy from two male sponsors here at CGI. I’ll always be grateful for that. They provided me with so much more than just mentorship and guidance - they were truly committed to advancing my career in tech.

Today, as I continue to thrive and build on the career I love here at CGI, I try to pay it forward, whenever and wherever I can. I’m passionate about promoting inclusive STEM education for all. As a founding member of our Women of CGI working group, I work hard at being a true ally for females and empowering more young women to enter the growing tech industry.

I know how exciting and rewarding this industry can be for women, and I’d love to see more of us represented here!

The CGI experience

I was fortunate to begin my career at CGI with two of the most supportive managers I could hope for. I’ve since worked in a variety of teams, roles and business functions. Today, as a Business Analyst for banking and financial services, I’m equipped with all the resources and necessary skills to perform at my best.

There is a concerted effort to ensure equal opportunity within CGI for any and every member to grow within the organisation. Hiring processes and promotions are designed to remove bias and the company’s support for females in tech is strong.

However, I am also very much the driver of my career. Being proactive and maintaining good communication skills have always given me the leverage needed to access a wealth of domain knowledge across the business.

Empowering women in tech

I find CGI to be an empowering place for women in tech. We have a fantastic mentorship system that pairs women with more experienced female senior leaders. Through this, I have been encouraged to reach my full potential and I have seen similar benefits in many of my colleagues. CGI is also a Work180 endorsed employer for women, which means that our policies and programs have been reviewed by Work180 and endorsed as being supportive of women.

One of the things I’ll be involved in this year is a STEM Camp that our Women of CGI program is running for school-aged girls.

Success is championed at all levels.

We celebrate strengths and accomplishments, collaborate to overcome challenges, support one another, and provide every individual with the opportunity to explore new things and participate in different areas. Aside from my day-to-day responsibilities, I’m a council member of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team - diversity is a priority at CGI.

More than anything else, this company has enabled me to think outside the box and broaden my horizons, personally and professionally. It’s always been my goal to become a trusted, high value leader here. I feel that this is a safe space for me. I can speak up, I can showcase my work and I feel confident that I can be such a leader.

The leaders here provide full support to help develop a pathway to whatever it is you want to achieve. With reward and recognition a big part of the culture here, I know I’ll consistently be acknowledged for my contributions.

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