Author: Nik Dragovic

Many workplaces stick to the same rigid guidelines and company processes day after day, simply because this is the way they have always operated. But whilst following the status quo may be the easy way to go, is it really the best way?

The truth is, a workplace with a flexible culture receptive to positive organisational change driven by the views and experiences of employees, is a workplace bound for success.

By creating a diverse workforce, allowing all employees to contribute their viewpoints and encouraging an adaptive environment that is open to change, companies find themselves with more efficient, effective workflows and greater success in general.

Culture and attitudes that help to drive positive change

To inspire motivation and positive change, the right culture and attitude is paramount.

Firstly, there must be diversity. Workers should have varied backgrounds, genders, ages and so on, and all be encouraged to contribute their points of view. Welcoming many different perspectives opens the door to innovation as new angles are explored – and innovation is roundly proven to inspire success. Allowing diverse viewpoints can be quite challenging and it takes time and effort, but if done correctly, can bring significant benefits to an organisation.

Further to this, a culture of open communication is necessary and free discourse between all employees is key. For example, management informing team members of company progress and sharing the good, the bad and the ugly will build trust and inspire greater dialogue that engages all workers. Everyone should feel comfortable relaying their own department’s problems so that resolutions can be achieved quickly, and no one should feel scared to reveal ‘bad news’.

It’s also important to remember that members of a company want to feel that they are part of the business and not just a number. Employees react to how they are treated. If they feel free to express their ideas and know that their viewpoints will be heard and respected, they will continually strive to create impactful change.

How CGI empowers members to drive positive change

All of CGI’s members have the opportunity to participate in the company’s development. As a member myself, I am a shareholder/owner, and as such, I am constantly inspired to help the company grow.

For example, I’m an active member of the CGI Member Satisfaction Assessment Program (MSAP) committee. This allows me to share my input with a diverse committee on how we can make CGI an even better place to work. The outcome of this committee has been greater member satisfaction, especially for new members who have participated in workplace activities.

I also host a project management forum in my business unit that is open to all members who would like to learn more about project and service management and how we operate at CGI. The forum allows diverse viewpoints from people across different business units, and shapes the way we all work closely together to achieve goals. Attendance has increased over the months and as a result, it’s driven positive changes across several areas of our business.

Additionally, CGI is endorsed by WORK180, a directory of employers who support diversity, inclusion and equality.

I’ve been with CGI for 21 years and have colleagues who have been here for more than 30. Working for one company this long seems to be a rarity in any line of business, especially IT, but what keeps us all here are CGI’s core values: every member strives to create a better global IT business, together. I’m proud that I can contribute in many different ways.

Ultimately, businesses should not feel compelled to follow rigid operational structures just because these processes are satisfactory. Being open to change and empowering workers to initiate it leads to far greater organisational success in the long run.

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