Priority 1
Improving the customer experience is the top priority for business (95% of customers) and IT leaders (87% of customers)



of clients mention the use of predictive analytics as a digital transformation initiative (+11 pts vs. 2019);



of clients plan to invest in digital tools for their employees over the next 3 years


CGI puts customer relationships at the heart of your digital strategy and tools. CGI offers digital solutions for an increasingly innovative and personalized customer experience.

More than 250 retailers worldwide benefit from CGI's services. That's why we identify market dynamics and provide you with feedback and actionable insights.

The world of retail is changing dramatically: the fusion between e-commerce and the point of sale must be complete to ensure seamless customer journeys that are both inspiring and engaging.

The consumer experience must be enhanced and therefore relies on innovative technologies such as Virtual reality or Internet of things (IoT): we must think differently to anticipate the future and stay one step ahead!

By placing the customer experience at the heart of your strategy, you will succeed in transforming your business. This means rethinking your organizational models, reinventing platforms and applications, but above all, relying on the right technologies.

From the consulting phase to outsourcing services, our 700 specialized consultants are committed to working with you.

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Témoignage Carrefour CGI Retail Suite

Facing the impact of Covid-19, the retail industry had to react quickly to secure its supply chain, ensure continuity of service and reassure consumers.

Thanks to CGI and CGI Retail Suite solution, Carrefour prepared and delivered 1.5 million drive-thru orders in March.

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CGI helps retailers define new strategies: hyper-personalized offers, flexible and agile information systems, a unified vision of customer data... to accelerate their transformation.

Our teams work with luxury industry to create unique customer experiences and innovate in the use of new technologies to create new on and off-line channels.

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