Years of experience in the telecommunications sector working with Australian and global telcos
Daily processing of complex transactions in critical telco infrastructure, underpinned by 24/7 support.
We partner with 20 of the largest global telcos, and 3 of the largest Australian telcos.
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Accelerate time-to-market with more agile rating and billing systems

CGI helps telcos quickly adopt agile business solutions that address their fundamental needs in charging and billing to achieve rapid time to market and high levels of automation and performance.

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Product and inventory management

CGI’s PANDA (Product and Number Dynamic Activation) solution allows mobile operators to generate pre-active starter packs. We then support the subsequent customer activation experience, reducing operator costs and improving the customer experience.

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Enabling new B2B revenue streams

CGI’s uPair is a B2B2X Service Delivery Framework that incorporates industry protocols such as mobile entitlements and TMF APIs. It opens up new product and revenue streams through eSIM based companion devices (eg. wearables) and improves your customers' experience (enabling eSIM based handset upgrades).

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Collections and debt recovery

We help communication services providers increase debt recovery rates through CGI’s comprehensive default management SaaS solution that delivers collections software, business processes and underlying IT in a single cohesive suite, CACS X.

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