How we helped a toll road owner digitally transform with a new automated tolling platform .


  • Integration of toll road operations into a single automated tolling and payment platform
  • Legacy systems modernisation and uplift to reduce maintenance costs and adapt to customer preference for digital payments
  • SMART automation – a steep increase in trip construction and a reduction in manual processes required of staff
  • Processing capacity for roadside message rates exceeding 100 per second
  • Ability to process 4.5 million tag and account updates and transmit a further 2 million tag and account status updates daily

The challenge

Transurban, an international toll road owner and operator with interests in Australia, the United States and Canada needed to embark on a major IT project to build a new tolling and customer management solution.

A range of their road projects were managed by outdated legacy IT architectures and technologies which led to exponentially increasing maintenance costs and a poor customer experience for customers who sought to pay toll fees digitally.

The solution

Both CGI and Transurban determined an automation solution was needed that could address corporate risk concerns, support multi-tenancy and drive channel shift towards online payments without future obsolescence issues.

Day to day operations required a platfrom that could process and manage roadside message rates exceeding 100 per second, receive 4.5 million tag and account updates and transmit a further 2 million tag and account status updates.

We needed to integrate all toll road operations with best known practices from seven roads across three jurisdictions into a single platform.

We partnered with Transurban to build a new platform that would reduce the IT costs required to operate and maintain their core business.

Business outcomes included:

  • Plugged revenue leakage from known issues in existing systems
  • Reduced costs associated with customer service
  • Streamlined call centre processes through standardisation
  • Reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction

The new platform also provided the ability to manage PCI compliance, risk management and disaster recovery across all of our client’s business interests.

Roadside images for enforcement and quality assurance now exceed 30Gb per day and are processed using SMART automation and ergonomics which have greatly reduced the number of staff required to complete manual tasks.

Our partnership helped seamlessly transition Transurban’s most valuable business operations and customers to a new and improved platform.

The project referenced in this case study was delivered by Unico, which CGI acquired in March 2022.