The maritime mission system for high-speed craft

Achieve your mission more effectively and with greater confidence.

Proven to enable crews to react faster to changing circumstances in challenging conditions.

Our high-performance mission system is intelligently designed to put the right insights and capabilities in front of the right people at the right times – and we tailor it to your precise needs. Sitting at the heart of your operations, it links key on-board and off-board systems via a secure, redundant network. It puts critical mission information, official charts and additional data layers at crews’ fingertips, and enables them to control multiple systems in one place.

At the heart of your vessel

CGI OpenSea360 is the nerve centre of your vessel. Thanks to its open architecture and secure, redundant network, it links together on-board and off-board systems from your chosen vendors. This helps reduce the weight and complexity of your boat.

How CGI OpenSea360 helps you achieve your missions better

  • Proven to make your teams more effective in challenging maritime conditions.
  • CGI OpenSea360 is hardware agnostic. Choose precisely the right equipment to meet your demands.
  • No vendor lock-in: CGI OpenSea360 integrates seamlessly with other on-board or off-board systems, from your vendor of choice.
  • Empower your crews to view and control multiple systems, without leaving their seats.
  • Integrate small craft into larger capabilities, by enabling onshore teams to send tasking instructions and mission information to crews – and for crews to respond.
  • Save space and reduce the weight of your boat.