In this article CGI member Minh Ngo shares how CGI has given him a great environment to grow in as a Software Developer because of the support and expertise he has around him.

I started programming in my first year at university in Vietnam and fell in love with it instantly – my father works in IT, so I think I inherited my interest in it from him. As a software developer, my job mainly focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving, which are two skills I enjoy applying in life, not just at work. I love solving puzzles and that’s largely what my work is all about!

After four years in the industry, I started working at CGI in 2021. I was attracted to how modern the organisation was, how nice the people were and how much opportunity there was for career growth. It was also obvious that CGI really respects and values its employees. So far, it’s lived up to my expectations – I think CGI has it all.

A great learning ground

I love working in a big company, on a big team. Before CGI, I was a front-end developer and worked alone a lot, which I found hard. I’m not a senior level coder yet and I prefer being surrounded by people I can learn from.

At CGI, I have this. Our team all get on really well and the atmosphere is very supportive. I ask lots of questions and everyone is happy to help me get up to speed with the new technologies and ways of working I need to learn. Those things are always the most challenging part of any new job, but I’ve found it quite smooth at CGI because the people are so friendly.

Three months in, I am still in the process of onboarding and ramping up my day-to-day tasks. I am currently taking on small projects while I spend time learning as much as possible. At CGI, we are constantly working with clients who need our input and help to understand the processes we’re implementing for them, so there is a strong sense of responsibility with all my tasks. I also now check on the server daily, which I hadn’t done before in my previous jobs.

I highly recommend CGI to young tech professionals

CGI is the perfect place for me to work. I really recommend it to other young software developers out there who want more from a job than just a paycheck. This is the kind of company that actively helps you to learn and grow and find the right career path. My manager has helped me so much already with shaping my direction and goals and I feel like the future is very bright for me here.

The organisation also has a great multicultural feel to it, with diverse people, and celebrations for all the different significant cultural events on the calendar. I chose CGI in the first place because I liked what I could see about the company’s values and its people, and so far my experience has only reinforced those initial positive impressions even more!

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