This month CGI marked 20 years since Oxygen, our health and wellbeing program, was founded. 

Recognised globally as one of our most important employee benefits, the program supports CGI Partners in their efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle through a variety of preventive and awareness activities and services.

Hear from some of our Australian employees about why the Oxygen Program is so important to them, and how they make use of this great benefit.

"I have been actively involved with Oxygen program events which have improved my lifestyle and health. A few years ago, I undertook a skin cancer check with the Oxygen program and was advised I had an irregular spot on my chest. I went to my GP and got a referral to a Skin Cancer specialist who completed a biopsy. I received the results, and the spot was skin cancer which was removed a week later. I often think about what would have happened if I didn’t get the checkup."

Fiona Finn | Consultant

"I have been with CGI for just under three years, and Oxygen is great in the sense that it helps to create an environment focused on health and wellbeing, where all CGI Partners can benefit personally and professionally. Oxygen encourages employees to take care of their health, by offering initiatives like STEPtember, which is a lot of fun, and at the same time helps with your health, by being active.

Oxygen also organises free annual Flu shots, to keep everyone healthy and protect you against the dreaded Flu, and not to mention free skin checks, which in our Queensland climate are very necessary.

With the Oxygen Newsletters, there is great information on things like healthy eating and health screening. There is a host of resources and tools to answer any health questions and guide you toward healthy life habits.

One of the most important Oxygen initiatives is the Member Assistance Program (MAP). The MAP gives you and your family (partner, children, and parents living at the same address or who are financially dependent) expert guidance and specialist support on any kind of issue – from everyday matters to more serious wellbeing problems."

Ahmet Akpinar | Application Support Consultant Human Resources

"Over the years the Oxygen program has delivered some great benefits to CGI Partners. The yearly flu vaccine has made it much easier to get the required immunisation and certificate of vaccination. When my aunt was admitted to a nursing home, they required evidence of the flu vaccine as a prerequisite to being able to visit. Given that my aunt was admitted for palliative care, it was one less thing to have to worry about when wanting to visit.

The Oxygen team also run information sessions. One of the sessions that really stood out was Menopause at Work, which was made available to all CGI Partners. It was a very interesting session, and it was good that male colleagues were also included to gain an understanding of potential symptoms and how to provide support to female Partners who are impacted by peri/menopause.

The member assistance program that is available to all CGI Partners is also a great resource. I have in the past recommended it to colleagues and know of a colleague who found the counselling services to be of great benefit."

Michelle Hinneberg | BU Security Partner

"CGI’s Oxygen program is a fantastic member benefit! I have personally benefited from a number of the Oxygen initiatives. In 2019, I attended a Skin Cancer Clinic organised through Oxygen. Through that checkup, I was diagnosed with two skin cancers that needed to be removed! I feel very fortunate that CGI encouraged and facilitated me to have that checkup. I continue to attend the Skin Cancer Checks, which are now offered annually in our office through the Oxygen program.

The Oxygen event that I look forward to the most each year is STEPtember! CGI has been sponsoring member teams to participate in STEPtember for a number of years now, and member participation has increased significantly. It is a wonderful way to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance while at the same time challenging yourself and most importantly having fun with your fellow CGI teammates."

Cathy Langman | Director Consulting Services

"There have been so many handy tips that have been shared in the oxygen program over the years. One of my favourites was around mindfulness. When you wake up with your brain spinning in the middle of the night, you need to think of your mind like a snow globe that has been shaken. Just breathe and settle your thoughts and concentrate on your breath to stop the “snowflakes” spinning around. Such a handy hint that I often share when people mention that they wake up with brain spins.

Another favourite was the tip to attend meetings on your phone while going for a walk (where possible). It was a great way of clocking up extra steps for STEPtember and fit in some exercise on busy days!"

Diane O’Connor | Senior Service Delivery Manager

"I think Oxygen is a great CGI initiative as it encourages CGI Partners to prioritise their health. I have been involved in Oxygen events such as STEPtember and Flu Vaccinations, as well as attended a number of very insightful presentations relating to overall health and wellbeing. A great program for all CGI Partners!"

Jody Millar | Senior Service Delivery Manager

"Thank you to the Oxygen wellbeing program which has really helped me to make some healthy changes to my lifestyle that are sticking with me. The program provides awareness on mental health, women’s and men’s health, skin checks, RUOK day, STEPtember, nutrition, and flu jabs to keep us healthy.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy “STEPtember” challenge as we are walking 10,000 steps a day to raise funds for cerebral palsy, which keeps us fit and at the same time raising funds for a great cause."

Karen Dawson | Operations & PSA Specialist

"The Oxygen program is another example of how CGI walks the talk in terms of genuine care for CGI Partners. Walk Around the World, flu vaccinations, STEPtember, mental health sessions, MAP and of course, skin checks are just a few of the events that have made a tangible difference in people’s lives over the past 20 years. From the benefits of going for a walk that positively impacts both physical and mental health to literally saving people’s lives through skin cancers being detected early; the Oxygen Program is an awesome benefit of being a CGI Partner."

Ebony Waugh | Director Human Resources

Thank you to all of our CGI Partners for sharing their personal stories.  

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